Time to say good-bye

Liebe Blogfreunde,
da ich immer weniger Zeit habe, habe ich mich entschieden, diesen Blog aufzugeben.

Auch mein ursprünglicher Gartenblog hat in den letzten Jahren „gelitten“. Aus diesem Grund habe ich mich entschieden, in Zukunft nur noch einen Blog zu nutzen.

Benny, Leoni und Lucia werden sich von nun an dort melden.

Ihr findet mich unter

Too hot for us …

Mrs. Nice says she really likes summer and prefers heat over snow any day.

Well, we don’t know about that, but this heat is too much for us. That’s why we hide in the cool corners and rooms of the house. Let’s hope we are back to normal summer temperatures for Germany soon.

Have a nice Sunday and watch out in the heat!

Benny and Leoni keeping cool on a hot Sunday!

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

Lang, lang ist’s her …

… sagte eine Leserin meines Blogs. Recht hat sie!!

Man wird vom Leben und Arbeit so eingenommen, dass man für alte Hobbys kaum noch Zeit findet. Aber ich möchte euch die Miezen nicht vorenthalten.

Benny und Leoni werden im September 3 Jahre alt. Die Zeit ist so schnell vergangen. Lucia wurde im März 2 Jahre alt.

Benny hat sich zu einem großen Schmusekater entwickelt, der uns alle um die Finger wickelt. Seit dem Unfall (siehe Blogeintrag vor diesem) ist er total verwöhnt und hat uns gut erzogen.

Leoni ist nach wie vor die sanfte, liebe und unauffällige Katze. Man muss sie lieb haben. Allerdings kann sie auch sehr gesprächig sein. Ihren Dosimann vergöttert sie und schimpft ihn auch gelegentlich.

… und hier ist Lucia. Oh Mann, dieser oberbayrischen Charakter, den wir uns da ins Haus geholt haben, ist schon was Besonderes. Eigentlich sind sie das alle. Aber sie ist wie keine andere Katze, die ich bis jetzt gekannt habe. Man muss sie erleben und lieben.

So, das war es mal wieder. Ich hoffe, es dauert nicht allzu lange bis zum nächsten Beitrag.

Always something going on …

…. in Hotel Cat.

Benny turned 1 year old on Sept. 24th and he is the greatest. He is so lovable and such a mellow and relaxed guy. Lucia is his exercise program. They love to run through the house and up and down the stairs together.

Simon the Cat is always a highlight for Benny

Leoni is the little mom in the household and she watches very carefully, most often when she thinks Lucia may be getting into something she is not supposed to do. They love each other a lot and have started their morning cleaning routine while Mr. Nice is getting ready for work. She is a very gentle cat and just like Benny not an ounce of agression in her body.

Lucia became part of double trouble team very fast. She is such a bright and intelligent cat. A „no“ does not mean „no“ to Lucia. She has to be right in the middle, is always curious. It is nice to see how well they learn from one another. She is a very strong-minded cat.

It is nice to cuddle together

After all these good time we had quite scare.

Mr. B decided to sneak into the kitchen and jump on the counter. Apparently when he jumped down something happened. He came into the living room on three legs. Emergency treatment at our vet’s office was called for where it was discovered that he had several broken bones in his right hind leg. The next day he had to go to veterinary clinic in Munich to have his surgery. The poor guy has a number of nails and a fixture in place to keep his broken bones together. He is handling it like a trooper and being brave. For the next 4-6 weeks no jumping, going up stairs, scratch poles etc. Mr. Nice built a two bedroom apartment for him which he accepts quite well considering the circumstances.

Benny and his broken leg

That’s all dear readers. Let’s hope we will have 100 % good news in our next blog story.

7 months and counting

Life continues to be fun here at „Hotel Cat“! They are growing like weeds. Benny is close to 5 kg now. Leoni seems to stay tiny kitty and weighs about 3.8 kg, but that may change. British Shorthairs apparently grow until they are 3 yrs old I’ve been reading. That should be interesting to watch.

We have discovered Benny to be a really scared fellow when it comes to strangers in the house. Sometimes we go outdoors together – being carried, of course – but he is not fond of the noises and always happy to be back in the safety of the house.

On the other hand, Leoni is not disturbed by strangers. She just continues to be herself and just like Stella-The-Cat used to do it she will be around when someone is in the house. She could miss out on something. That little girl is quite a busy one if I may say so. Benny tends to rest much more and Leoni is his personal fitness trainer.

More and more their characters are becoming more evident. Benny is the cuddler while Leoni doesn’t need too much body contact. She tolerates it though when we need to cuddle her. 🙂 Boy, can she „talk“ though. Looking for her brother can be quite the noisy undertaking. Benny likes to talk as well, but not as noisy as his sister.

Here are some pictures of the last few weeks of our little Brits.

Life is great

These past months we continued to enjoy our lives here in the household. The can openers are progressing nicely. We’ve almost got them where we want them to be. Food is cuisine here. They really know what we like and we are growing like weeds. At the moment we prefer chicken. Fish is not one of our favorites, but we eat it. Lactose free milk is great as well. Have you every tried it? Mrs. Nice says we cannot have the other kind of milk.
We get to go into every room now and are all over the house. There are lots of places to explore here. Mrs. Nice has some plants in the basement which she says wil have to go outdoors again once it is warmer, but we love them. There are always dry leaves which we can get and carry upstairs. They don’t really like that though because then they get out the vacumm cleaner. Have you ever heard one of them? Scary stuff … very noisy. Oh well, here are some pictures of us.

By the way … Leoni is 6 months old now and Benny will turn 6 months old on the 29th of March. Mr. and Mrs. Nice think that we are growing up way to fast.

Benny - 5 1/2 months old

Leoni - 6 months old
Benny again
Double Trouble