We love our lives

Here is an update how life is progressing since we have been away from our moms.
After Christmas we discovered that our can openers have to go to something they call „work“ every day. Apparently they earn „money“ which seems to pay for our taste for good food, toys and all. Oh well, we know how to spend our time well until they get home again. Lots of time is spent sleeping, but a lot of time is spent playing.

Mr. Nice has all kinds of ideas to keep us occupied. The newest invention, though not all done yet, is a toy that makes us work for our treats. We are not sure, why we should work for treats since it is much easier to eat right out of their hands? Could someone enlighten us please?

The food is great and they give us lots of varieties. We have grown a lot since we got here. Last week Benny weighed 2.3 kg and Leoni weighed 2.1 kg. Leoni turned 4 months on Jan. 15 and Benny turned 4 months on Jan. 29. Time seems to fly when you are with people who love you.

Here is a collection of pictures of us over the last few weeks.

We hope you enjoyed our update.

Autor: Mrs Nice

My name is Stella and my home is in the south of Germany. In 2007 I was rescued from the animal shelter by a really nice couple. Mr. & Mrs. Nice are perfect. They have been taking care of me and giving me lots of love. As you can imagine I wouldn't trade them for anything. In my blog I try to share tidbits of my life with them. Have fun and please keep coming back!

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