Week #8 – Being a lazy cat

Not much happened during my 8th week at my new home. I have pretty much taken over the house. Training Mr. and Mrs. Nice is progressing well. During the week it rained a lot and I stayed indoors and enjoyed lots of hugs and peace & quiet. The weekend was sunny and I wanted to take the opportunity and be outside a lot.This is the chair Mrs. Nice likes to use outside a lot. I found it is a really nice place to relax and take it easy. I wonder if I could have it? Don’t think so …

Have I told you that I enjoy watching television. My servants think this is funny and of course, they’ve taken a picture of me.

My favorite spots when I can’t go outdoors are my scratching post and my basket. Since I have been living at my new home, I found that playing is lots of fun. Mr. Nice plays a lot with me when he gets home from work and I look forward to it every night. However, playing by myself is fun, too. They’ve bought these tiny balls I like to play with. Mrs. Nice says I look like someone playing soccer when I play with those. Ribbons are also fun to play with. Mrs. Nice got them in all different colors for me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little story, even though not much has happened. Next week’s story should be more exciting. I will tell you how I am working my way into the bedroom. 🙂

2 Gedanken zu „Week #8 – Being a lazy cat“

  1. Hi Stella,

    We have several of your furry friends at our house.. Our eldest male cat Marcus is a rescue with only three legs.. He has been with us for 7 years.

    Your friends.
    Penelope, Marcus, Tiger Lily, Yellowstone and Shoshone


  2. Dafür, dass Stella nicht mehr gern fotografiert werden möchte, sind aber doch wieder schöne Fotos im Post!
    Allerdings bin ich nun schon ganz gespannt auf den nächsten Post mit dem Schlafzimmer…

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