What’s there do do … Part II

Dear friends,
the cold weather continues. The weekend is here and this usually means that I am allowed to spend a lot of time outdoors when Mr. and Mrs. Nice are home. Since it is dark when they come home in the evening now, I don’t care to be out since the temperature has dropped so much.

However, today I had to go out and explore our garden a little. As you can probably tell by the looks of it, my paws were pretty cold. I didn’t stay out much longer.

Stella im Winter

I hurried to make it to the border and back inside the house.

Stella im Winter

I decided this week I need to take charge of the other couch where Mr. Nice likes to sit with his notebook and surf on the internet. He left the notebook on the couch while he worked on the office computer upstairs and I had time to admire my blog.

Stella im Winter

I hope wherever you are that your weather is warmer than it is in Bavaria right now.

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. Stella,
    here in Guildwood we still have fall and the leaves are dropping like snowflakes. Love to watch them..
    But I really have fun chasing squirrels. One day I’ll get one of these little critters.
    Besides that I love to go out and visit the neighbours cats. Mr. Gardiner has seven cats, he lives a few houses away from my castle. But we are friends and don’t fight a lot.
    Next door lives Munchie, a white -yellow and grey cat. She was rescued by Gisela after found in our park and almost starved to death. Munchie has now a new home with Maureen. Maureen is a very nice lady she takes care of me, when Gisela takes her hubby for a long vacation.

    You see everything is under control in my neck of the woods..
    Did I tell you that we have little tiny mice in our garden shed?? There are very nice to play with..

  2. Hier ist es auch nicht wirklich warm, nur ohne Schnee. Gestern hatten wir Ostwind bei 1°C. Da wollte nicht mal Luna richtig raus.
    Wir empfinden das wahrscheinlich so extrem, weil wir so einen kurzen Sommer hatten.
    Mach das Beste draus =´`.´`=

  3. I see that Mrs. Nice placed a cover on her leather chair …my naturegirl does the same to a leather chair and ottoman. Mr. Natureboy get angry when we accidentally make scratches to the chair…and naturegirl always shouts at him“things can be replaced but heart and sould cannot!!“ We love naturegirl…purzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..
    Babie and Paisley

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