One more tooth to go


Ein Hund denkt: Sie füttern mich, sie sorgen für mich, sie streicheln
mich: Das muessen Goetter sein.

Eine Katze denkt: Sie füttern mich, sie sorgen für mich, sie
streicheln mich: Ich muss ein Gott sein.

A dog thinks: They feed me, they care for me, they pet me. They must be gods.
A cat thinks: They feed me, they care for me, they pet me. I must be a god. 🙂
I had another bad week. The first two days went well and then I had trouble chewing again. Mr. Nice made an appointment with the veterinarian on Thursday and dropped me off at 11 in the morning. Around 5 pm he picked me up again. My teeth were cleaned and another tooth had to be pulled. After a drowsy day and slow night (without any food) I am luckily back to my old self as you can see in the pictures above which were taken today by Mrs. Nice.
I am looking forward to a great week with my favorite two people. They are both off from work all week. How’s that for a week of being spoiled, cuddled and being able to go outdoors anytime I like?
Have a great week!

Autor: Mrs Nice

My name is Stella and my home is in the south of Germany. In 2007 I was rescued from the animal shelter by a really nice couple. Mr. & Mrs. Nice are perfect. They have been taking care of me and giving me lots of love. As you can imagine I wouldn't trade them for anything. In my blog I try to share tidbits of my life with them. Have fun and please keep coming back!

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  1. Du hast du ja ein paar schlimme Wochen hinter dir, Stella. Jetzt, wo die Zaehne aber jetzt heraussen sind und du keine Schmerzen mehr hast, macht doch alles gleich nochmal soviel Spass. LG, Bek

  2. Hi Stella,

    You have had a rough time these past weeks! I am glad that Mr. and Mrs. Nice have taken good care of you and that you are now back in good shape.

    That is so true about what dogs and cats think!!
    Rest up, eat well and have lots of fun!

  3. Oh, poor Stella, that is too bad. Hope you get well soon.
    Good luck with your teeth !!! Purrs
    Gute Besserung und lass dich ordentlich knuddeln !
    Liebe Grüße
    Luna und Stefanie

  4. I hope you will feel much better soon!
    We have an indoor cat, Freckles, who has the same colors as you. But she has short hair and she is very fat 😉

  5. Hi Stella,
    hope you had a good week and all your troubles are over.
    Did I ever had a lot of fun over Easter..found some little milk chocolate Easter eggs..very nice to play with, but somehow they disappeared under the sofa. The fun was over when Gisela discovered my new toys. The little basket with the little eggs are gone. Wonder who ate them??? Not me…
    Too bad…it is snowing again, no fun to be outside.
    Talk to you soon,

  6. Auh Backe, dass waren ja keine schönen Wochen für das arme Kätzchen! Aber nun steht hoffentlich so schnell kein Tierarzt-Besuch mehr an. Und jetzt immer schön die Zähnchen mit Trockenfutter reinigen – oder Zahnbürste?????
    Das würden wir mit unseren beiden Mädels nie schaffen und Spezial-Trockenfutter für blanke Zähnchen wird auch gern verweigert. Hat sich das Futter so sehr verändert? Unser erster Kater hatte nur mal einen vereiterten Zahn, der gezogen wurde. Sonst gab es in seinen fast 19 Lebensjahren mit Feuchtfutter und gekochter Lunge nie Probleme. Und nun gibt es Zahnstein, Karies und Implantate für Katzen …
    Ich wünsche Euch einen schönen Start in einen hoffentlich sonnigen und weniger windigen Frühling!
    Liebe Grüße

    PS: Manchmal muss man Blogger wohl einfach mehr Zeit geben – denn heute konnte ich endlich Stellas Web-Adresse ändern.

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