Been a while .. and now it is winter time

Dear friends,

I have been neglecting you so much.  Now it is winter and just a few days before Christmas. I will take the opportunity of our first snow of the season to drop a few lines.

Summer was not so great. It all started nicely in the spring, but summer time was not like last year where we were spoiled with lots of sun.

I have enjoyed our garden anyhow. I just picked the sunny days to be outdoors.

Stella in her favorite spot -where catnip grows
Stella in her favorite spot -where catnip grows

Winter is a different story. I don’t like to have wet paws. I just run outdoors, looking for my catwalk which is snowed in as well and find my way back home soon.

First snow
First snow

Christmas is right before us. I am wishing all of you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and that all your wishes may come true. Most of all I hope that health and happiness will be your companions throughout the year.


Autor: Mrs Nice

My name is Stella and my home is in the south of Germany. In 2007 I was rescued from the animal shelter by a really nice couple. Mr. & Mrs. Nice are perfect. They have been taking care of me and giving me lots of love. As you can imagine I wouldn't trade them for anything. In my blog I try to share tidbits of my life with them. Have fun and please keep coming back!