It’s the little things that provide joy …

… and some may say it would not be right time for them or too early yet, but we dared it.

In between lots of tears for Stella (and still now) we decided to fill the emptyness of the house.

Benny and Leoni moved in. They are keeping us and themselves busy, but haven’t gotten into too much trouble so far. They were 11 and 12 weeks old when we got them a little less than two weeks ago. To think that they will be big cats in a few months is hard to believe at the moment, but we are enjoying the kitten stage for now. They are already sharing their love with their can openers and decided living here in Mr. and Mrs. Nice’s house without their moms is not bad after all. Benny and Leoni are stepbrother/sister and are two British shorthair cats. They like each other a lot and are enjoyable companions.

Leoni (front) and Benny (back)

Double Trouble - Day 13
Benny - day 13
Leoni - Day 13

A little comment on the side – We are wondering if your Christmas tree will look like Simon’s this year?
Simon\'s Cat in \"Santa Claws\"