Taking it easy …

Hello my dear readers,
our kitties are adjusting well to their new home. No wonder, who wouldn’t with all all this LOVE and attention they are getting.

Leoni is 4 months old today and developing quite nicely. Benny is a typical male cat. He demands his cuddle sessions and has to be reminded that he is not the only cat in the household. He loves his step-sister and would not be without her for a minute and she feels the same way about Benny.

A new scratch post had to be purchased though. Stella’s small one just was not enough for two active kittens. They mind quite well and know the meaning of „no“. Benny is more stubborn than Leoni though.

Anyhow, though they cannot replace Ms. Stella, they are the greatest little „souls“ and are filling the house with their lively spirits.
Leoni is 4 months old today
Here is birthday girl Leoni. She is 4 months old today on Jan. 15.

Benny trying to decide where to take his nap

Mr. Benny – thinking about what to do next. How about this.

Mountain climber Benny

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our can openers have adjusted quite well to us. We get the foods we like, cat milk and other goodies. Seems like we hit the jackpot in this house. There are lots of toys around from Stella and we think she would love to see us play with it, which we do quite a lot. Our can openers don’t mind it. Actually, they are training quite well. When we cry, they jump. *bg*
The other day they put up a tree, a manger and other stuff. We were told it is Christmas and that they did not want us to climb the tree. Well, why should we? The blanket underneath is much more interesting and comfortable.

It is getting a bit crowded when we try to rest together and Mr. and Mrs. Nice need to think of a solution.

Anyhow – all in all it is nice here. We read through Stella’s writings and she must’ve liked it very much. Mr. & Mrs. Nice are saying Stella is watching us from across the rainbow now and is happy that we are living here now to wipe away a little of the sadness that has been present in the house after she had to leave so suddenly.
Your friends,
Benny & Leoni

It’s the little things that provide joy …

… and some may say it would not be right time for them or too early yet, but we dared it.

In between lots of tears for Stella (and still now) we decided to fill the emptyness of the house.

Benny and Leoni moved in. They are keeping us and themselves busy, but haven’t gotten into too much trouble so far. They were 11 and 12 weeks old when we got them a little less than two weeks ago. To think that they will be big cats in a few months is hard to believe at the moment, but we are enjoying the kitten stage for now. They are already sharing their love with their can openers and decided living here in Mr. and Mrs. Nice’s house without their moms is not bad after all. Benny and Leoni are stepbrother/sister and are two British shorthair cats. They like each other a lot and are enjoyable companions.

Leoni (front) and Benny (back)

Double Trouble - Day 13
Benny - day 13
Leoni - Day 13

A little comment on the side – We are wondering if your Christmas tree will look like Simon’s this year?
Simon\'s Cat in \"Santa Claws\"

footprints in our lives

We had to make the sad decision on Dec. 2 to relieve our wonderful cat Stella of the suffering she has endured during the last days.

While sadness covers our heart, we remember all the wonderful times we had together with Stella in the 3,5 years together.

Small in size, but big in character she left a mark in our lives which will always be alive.

We would have loved to spend many more years with her, but sometimes we are only allowed to share for a short time, nevertheless much more intense.

We love and miss you, Stella!
Your faithful servants,
Mr. and Mrs. Nice

Moments in her life