Week #7 – A cat’s worst nightmare

This week was pretty much uneventful for me. I have had to stay indoors a lot due to the weather. I tried to behave to make up for the behavior from week #6, so Mr. & Mrs. Nice would not be upset anymore.

Today – Sunday – was the day any cat in a new home fears. A dog arrived. Not just any dog, a HUGE dog! Have a look. Didn’t I have a reason to worry?
His name is Brian, a Weimaraner hunting dog. You tell me – why does he have to come to my house? I live here now.

At first I was scared, so Mr. Nice picked me up.

This must’ve been punishment for everything I have done last week. Mrs. Nice seemed to know the dog very well. She even touched the dog and the dog LIKED her, too. Hey, dog, that’s my Mrs. Nice, not yours. I knew the lady because she came to visit when I first arrived here. Who would think that a nice lady like this would have a HUGE dog like Brian? The question should really be – why??? I thought she liked cats.

You better believe it that I stayed very close and nearby to watch every step they did. I do that anyhow when someone comes into my garden or talks to Mr. & Mrs. Nice. You do understand that, don’t know? What kind of cat would I be if I wasn’t keeping track of the visitors to our house and garden.
This dog had the nerves to want to play with me. Now why in the world does a dog want to play with a cat? I was NOT interested at all. As a matter of fact, I found a spot between the pots and figured he’d leave me alone. But you know dogs – they have tunnel vision. He was not giving up on that idea.
Here I am hiding next to the blue pot and the little table and HE kept looking for me. (Click on the picture and you’ll get a better glimpse of me. Can’t miss the dog, I reckon.)

Ok.. well I let him have a look at me, but he better watch out for Stella-The-Cat. I hissed at him to let him know that I did NOT like him and did NOT want to be bothered at all.

Then the lady wanted to have a walk through my garden to look at all the flowers Mrs. Nice planted for me to enjoy. I walked right behind them. When the dog saw me, he charged at me and I took of running to the front of the house. Mrs. Nice told me later he wanted to play. I simply don’t care. I do not like dogs.

I was so relieved when they decided to leave. Of course, I made sure to follow them to the front of the house and to see the dog getting into the car.

After they were gone I walked right back into my house and rolled all over the floor everywhere this dog has been laying down to get rid of his scent.

I made sure Mr. & Mrs. Nice KNEW that I did not like it and I gave them some of „my medicine“ which is a „cold shoulder“. They hate it when I ignore them.

That was my Sunday story for this week and I hope this does NOT happen again.