My favorite and not so favorite spots in the house

When I came to Mr. & Mrs. Nice’s home, I had presents waiting for me. One of them was my scratch pole which I have shown for Luna once before and my little wicker basket.

My basket
The scratch pole remains to be one of my favorite spots since I can sit there and look out of the window into the garden. Since I don’t care to be out very much at the moment, I can sharpen my claws there as well which I do lot.
My scratch pole
The wicker basket I liked at the beginning. For some reason which I cannot explain I have avoided it for a while.
Then they bought this red „cave“ for me. At the moment this is where I am all the time when I need some peace and quiet. Of course, it is in my favorite room which is the bedroom.

My red cave

Mr. & Mrs. Nice thought I should have more hiding places and bought another one. This one is blue and it has a pillow with the same design on the inside. She has begged me to use it. Mr. Nice thought that I may be smelling something I don’t like, so Mrs. Nice even washed it and put my favorite cuddly blanket in it.

My blue cave

Today they tried again to entice me to use it; to no avail though. I wonder why I just cannot use it quite yet?

So, what do you think of my furniture?

Have a nice week!