The Invasion

Invasion I

Dear blog friends,
I haven’t posted in a while, but nothing exciting has happened lately in my boring life until last week. Of course, I have got to share it with you.

You are probably wondering about the title „The Invasion“. Yes, we actually had an invasion kind of … sort of … invasion of children and adults.

It all happened on Saturday the 13th, not Friday the 13th. It might as well have been Friday the 13th. It was a quiet Saturday as usual until about 4 p.m. Suddenly there were 4 people on our patio, 2 big people and 2 small boys. They were greeted very lovingly; still no clue who that could be. I kind of stepped ahead to be noticed and the little boys paid attention to me.

Suitcases and lots of bags, goodies for Mr. and Mrs. Nice were carried into the house into the spare bedrooms. What was happening???? Somebody please tell me????

The strangers stayed. They stayed for a week.

There was no place to hide for me anymore. They were everywhere. After about two days I succumbed to the situation. What else was there for me to do? I didn’t get the impression that they were leaving anytime soon.

Invasion II
Invasion III

Actually it turned out rather nice. I had many people to spoil me. Later on I found out that the older two were Mrs. Nice’s parents and the little boys, who were 9 and 10 years old, were her nephews. I came to appreciate them as fun playmates. Whenever I would go outdoors, one of them would follow and play Hide’n Seek with me. Even Mrs. Nice’s mom spoiled me. This was new to Mrs. Nice because she always considered her mom not to be a cat person. Mrs. Nice’s dad just observed me from a distance and got tickled at some of my habits.

Today -without telling me, no advance warning whatsoever- suitcases and bags were taken outside into a car, the newfound friends left again. What happened??? I thought they were going to live with us from now on.
Well, Mrs. and Mrs. Nice explained to me that this is called „a visit“ and that they return occasionally.

Invasion IV

I was relieved after that! At least I know I will see my new friends again. Until that time I will enjoy the piece and quiet again in my house.

Invasion V