Rainy Days

I am not allowed to go out when it rains. Usually, Mr. & Mrs. Nice let me find out myself whether I like it or not. You probably guessed it, I not only dislike rain, I hate it. Nevertheless, I like to make up my mind anew each time it rains. For whatever reasons my owners do not understand that part of my thinking.

These past weeks have been rather irritating for me. Tied to the house most of the time during the day since Mr. & Mrs. are back to the office, it has been pouring down during the evening when they get home and we’ve had hail twice in a row. In addition to my urge to hit the road, you have Mrs. Nice who is upset about not being able to do much outdoors and seeing her hostas and other plants looking like Swiss cheese. Great combination, don’t you think? You’d believe that she understands me.

Since I am not giving up the right to find out myself whether I like it outdoors or not, I guess we will continue the game which has been documented in pictures of course. 😉

Here I am checking out the weather from the lower levels.

Looking outside from my scratch pole. Yes, looks kind of wet outside.

Let me out guys!

Why does Mrs. Nice always leave her garden shoes here? The rug has been placed there because of me. Mrs. Nice says I bring the outdoors indoors on my tail and fur.

I wonder if I can open this?

Maybe I need to put my paw between the tilted window?

There has to be a spot somewhere here inbetween where I can slip outdoors without having to beg those two. I know they are watching me.

I give up. YOU RULE – but this time only.

3 Gedanken zu „Rainy Days“

  1. I can understand you very well because I am a victim and as such a doorman(no woman) Although we have a cat flap they sit in the door and play Shakespear „to go or not to go (out) that’s the question“ !
    You know what ? Ask for a cat flap for Christmas !

    Ja eine zehenlutschende Katze habe ich auch noch nicht erlebt und sie macht das wie ein Baby, steckt sich den Zeh (ohne Kralle nehme ich an) ins MĂ€ulchen und schmatzt vor sich hin !

  2. Arme Stella, auf der Suche nach dem Ausgang.
    Hey, ihr habt ja einen „coolen“ Kratzbaum. Zeigst du den mal ganz ?!?
    Luna geht auch bei Regen raus, aber ich hol sie immer rein, wenn sie zu nass ist. Ageblich sollen Maine Coons ja wetterfest sein, aber leider nimmt das ganze Fell die Feuchtigkeit auf und den Dreck aus der Koniferenhecke der Nachbarn…
    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe

  3. Oh oh, hoffentlich springt Stella nicht irgendwann in den Spalt der angekippten GartentĂŒr! Bei uns gibt es nur 2 so tief in der Fensterlaibung sitzende Fenster, die ich, seitdem Maus & Allegra hier wohnen, noch ankippen mag. Es soll ja schreckliche UnfĂ€lle mit so geöffneten Fenstern geben und der Drang nach draußen macht FreigĂ€nger ja sehr erfinderisch.
    Aber wahrscheinlich verhaltet Ihr Euch mit dem Fenster genauso wie wir mit dem Ceranfeld…
    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe Silke

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