footprints in our lives

We had to make the sad decision on Dec. 2 to relieve our wonderful cat Stella of the suffering she has endured during the last days.

While sadness covers our heart, we remember all the wonderful times we had together with Stella in the 3,5 years together.

Small in size, but big in character she left a mark in our lives which will always be alive.

We would have loved to spend many more years with her, but sometimes we are only allowed to share for a short time, nevertheless much more intense.

We love and miss you, Stella!
Your faithful servants,
Mr. and Mrs. Nice

Moments in her life

Autor: Mrs Nice

My name is Stella and my home is in the south of Germany. In 2007 I was rescued from the animal shelter by a really nice couple. Mr. & Mrs. Nice are perfect. They have been taking care of me and giving me lots of love. As you can imagine I wouldn't trade them for anything. In my blog I try to share tidbits of my life with them. Have fun and please keep coming back!

3 Gedanken zu „footprints in our lives“

  1. Liebe Andrea,
    ich dachte, Du hättest diesen Blog einfach aus Zeitgründen aufgegeben. Aber nun musste ich hier diese traurige Nachricht lesen. Leider kann ich sehr gut nachfühlen, wie leer ein Raum plötzlich ist. Auch wenn unsere Hausgenossen oftmals gar nicht im Haus sein wollten, sondern auch gerne draußen ihr eigenes Leben lebten …

  2. Liebe Andrea,
    auch ich dachte lange, Du hattest keine Zeit mehr für diesen Blog.
    Nun nehme ich hier auch Abschied von der schönen Stella.
    Traurige Grüße

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