On Special Request by Luna

Luna wanted to see my scratch post and Mrs. Nice got a good shot of it today while I was resting from running around outside all day. This weekend was especially busy since I had the responsibility of observing the border makeover in Mrs. Nice’s garden.

What do you think of it, Luna? I like it very much and it feels great to scratch on real wood, especially when you can’t go outdoors. Mr. and Mrs. Nice like it because it fits into the house quite well and it doesn’t look as artificial as other scratch poles.

They bought something else for me! I haven’t gotten a picture of it yet, though. It is a comfy little cave. The inside has fur and I love to sleep in there a lot during the day.

Last week was a quiet week, except for Sunday night/Monday morning. Mrs. Nice’s son came home late and I noticed he didn’t turn the key and lock the door. Can you guess, what I did? I jumped up the door handle and got out. When Mr. Nice got up in the morning getting ready for work, I was not home and the front door was open. He was very upset about it, which I don’t understand because I came right home, when they were getting ready to drive to work which is 6:15 a.m. After that I thought that I could go out every night, but -oh no!- the front door has been locked again. Then again, it was interesting to enjoy the „night life“.