Stella is well again


After taking my antibiotics all week I am feeling much better. Food tastes great again, even though I will not touch my old cat food. When I smell it I am reminded of the pain I had last week. Mrs. Nice said I need to have my teeth cleaned, but she will wait until she off work since I have to have anesthesia.


Mrs. Nice was gone on a business trip all week. I was so happy when she returned on Friday. Saturday she spent all day in the garden and I was right along with her. Today was especially nice and she really worked hard. Of course I assisted her and observed the garden to ensure no other cat – especially Tom – would walk through the flower beds. (That’s my job!) 🙂


I took a nap in between and when I woke up she was still out there working. Mr. Nice helped her with the finishing touches and then she came in.

I have to say this was a Sunday just the way I like it and I’m looking forward to spring and summer.
Have a nice week!

Poor Stella

Mrs. Nice was gone this week from Monday through Wednesday. Monday I started not eating well. Mr. Nice thought that I may be missing Mrs. Nice. Thursday they noticed that I wanted to eat but apparently couldn’t. Both of them were getting really worried. Mrs. Nice pureed my food and I licked my bowl clean. It really felt great to have a full stomach.

Today though they decided to take me to the vet after work. I knew it would be a trip to the vet when Mr. Nice brought the carrier upstairs from the basement. When we got there, the vet took one look into my mouth and saw that one of my teeth was broken. He also said that the rest of my teeth were not in the best shape and I needed a cleaning once I was well again.

Mr. Nice was holding me during the visit. The vet opened my mouth and scared me half to death when he pulled my broken tooth. I really tried to scratch and bite him, but I couldn’t get him. Then he gave me a shot with something he called antibiotics. He even gave more medication to Mr. and Mrs. Nice to give me at home for the coming week.

I was in my carrier so fast when it was time to get out of the vet’s office, you would not believe it.

Since I am home I drank a little of my milk that Mr. Nice picked up at the store for me, but I still can’t eat. My mouth still hurts. The vet said I should feel better tomorrow. Let’s hope so, because right now I only want to sleep on the couch.

Stella is sick

What have I been up to?

I tried the snow and I did not like it. This was taken January 1, 2008.

I haven’t been doing much of anything. Between Christmas and New Year it was quite cold and I preferred to stay indoors much more than going outside. Mr. and Mrs. Nice used their spare time after work to occupy me. We also had company at our house. You may remember the post I had about the lady with the big Weimaraner? Well, she spent New Year’s at our house and of course, she spoiled me as well.

Stella playing

I much more prefer to play with my shoestrings and Mr. Nice. He is really good at playing with me.

The last two weeks were great. Mr. & Mrs. Nice have been home with home and I get to go out whenever I want now. The weather has been much nicer and the snow is gone. Mrs. Nice said she saw tulips and crocuses peeking out of the ground. It looks like spring is on its way to me. According to Mrs. Nice we will probably have some snow again in February or March. She advised me not to get spring fever yet! Watching her almost getting on ground level looking for plants that is kind of difficult to do. 🙂

Stella and Mr. Nice

I reeeeaaally enjoy that!

Before I quit writing, I have to tell you that the neighbors are talking about me! Mrs. Nice was tickled to death after a neighbor told her on New Year’s Eve outside that she thinks it is so funny when I leave my house, enter the street, holding up my tail like I am the „diva“ of our street. Sounds like they think I am conceited, doesn’t it? I am not sure whether I should be offended or not. Mr. & Mrs. Nice just think I am the cutest cat alive. That’s enough for me.

Thats the way i walk

Mrs. Nice only had a picture from this summer of me where I am holding my tail up high. What’s wrong with that? I avoid bringing home dried leaves that way. I do it all to keep Mr. & Mrs. Nice’s house clean. That’s right! 🙂

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Stella wishes Merry Christmas

This is my very first Christmas at the Nice’s house. I can tell it will be exciting. Today Mr. Nice put up a real tree inside the house and Mrs. Nice spent hours decorating.She is a little worried that I may climb up her tree because her old cat used to do that when he was a kitten. The Santa Claus you see in the picture looks like something I’d love to get my paws on, but I better not. I know she will get the water bottle out and spray me which I don’t care for at all.

Anyhow if I don’t get around to drop you a line. Have a Merry Christmas with all your loved ones and all the best for 2008.

Yours truly,

Way Up High ….

Usually Mrs. Nice has a clematis growing here, but I thought I should see how difficult it is to climb up here. Great view from up here, I’d say.

At the moment it is too cold outside to have any exciting adventures outdoors. Mrs. Nice says I act like Garfield the cat when I am bored. Can you tell me who this is?

Anyhow, have fun looking at my pictures.


My favorite and not so favorite spots in the house

When I came to Mr. & Mrs. Nice’s home, I had presents waiting for me. One of them was my scratch pole which I have shown for Luna once before and my little wicker basket.

My basket
The scratch pole remains to be one of my favorite spots since I can sit there and look out of the window into the garden. Since I don’t care to be out very much at the moment, I can sharpen my claws there as well which I do lot.
My scratch pole
The wicker basket I liked at the beginning. For some reason which I cannot explain I have avoided it for a while.
Then they bought this red „cave“ for me. At the moment this is where I am all the time when I need some peace and quiet. Of course, it is in my favorite room which is the bedroom.

My red cave

Mr. & Mrs. Nice thought I should have more hiding places and bought another one. This one is blue and it has a pillow with the same design on the inside. She has begged me to use it. Mr. Nice thought that I may be smelling something I don’t like, so Mrs. Nice even washed it and put my favorite cuddly blanket in it.

My blue cave

Today they tried again to entice me to use it; to no avail though. I wonder why I just cannot use it quite yet?

So, what do you think of my furniture?

Have a nice week!

What’s there do do … Part II

Dear friends,
the cold weather continues. The weekend is here and this usually means that I am allowed to spend a lot of time outdoors when Mr. and Mrs. Nice are home. Since it is dark when they come home in the evening now, I don’t care to be out since the temperature has dropped so much.

However, today I had to go out and explore our garden a little. As you can probably tell by the looks of it, my paws were pretty cold. I didn’t stay out much longer.

Stella im Winter

I hurried to make it to the border and back inside the house.

Stella im Winter

I decided this week I need to take charge of the other couch where Mr. Nice likes to sit with his notebook and surf on the internet. He left the notebook on the couch while he worked on the office computer upstairs and I had time to admire my blog.

Stella im Winter

I hope wherever you are that your weather is warmer than it is in Bavaria right now.

Have a nice weekend!

The Invasion

Invasion I

Dear blog friends,
I haven’t posted in a while, but nothing exciting has happened lately in my boring life until last week. Of course, I have got to share it with you.

You are probably wondering about the title „The Invasion“. Yes, we actually had an invasion kind of … sort of … invasion of children and adults.

It all happened on Saturday the 13th, not Friday the 13th. It might as well have been Friday the 13th. It was a quiet Saturday as usual until about 4 p.m. Suddenly there were 4 people on our patio, 2 big people and 2 small boys. They were greeted very lovingly; still no clue who that could be. I kind of stepped ahead to be noticed and the little boys paid attention to me.

Suitcases and lots of bags, goodies for Mr. and Mrs. Nice were carried into the house into the spare bedrooms. What was happening???? Somebody please tell me????

The strangers stayed. They stayed for a week.

There was no place to hide for me anymore. They were everywhere. After about two days I succumbed to the situation. What else was there for me to do? I didn’t get the impression that they were leaving anytime soon.

Invasion II
Invasion III

Actually it turned out rather nice. I had many people to spoil me. Later on I found out that the older two were Mrs. Nice’s parents and the little boys, who were 9 and 10 years old, were her nephews. I came to appreciate them as fun playmates. Whenever I would go outdoors, one of them would follow and play Hide’n Seek with me. Even Mrs. Nice’s mom spoiled me. This was new to Mrs. Nice because she always considered her mom not to be a cat person. Mrs. Nice’s dad just observed me from a distance and got tickled at some of my habits.

Today -without telling me, no advance warning whatsoever- suitcases and bags were taken outside into a car, the newfound friends left again. What happened??? I thought they were going to live with us from now on.
Well, Mrs. and Mrs. Nice explained to me that this is called „a visit“ and that they return occasionally.

Invasion IV

I was relieved after that! At least I know I will see my new friends again. Until that time I will enjoy the piece and quiet again in my house.

Invasion V

On Special Request by Luna

Luna wanted to see my scratch post and Mrs. Nice got a good shot of it today while I was resting from running around outside all day. This weekend was especially busy since I had the responsibility of observing the border makeover in Mrs. Nice’s garden.

What do you think of it, Luna? I like it very much and it feels great to scratch on real wood, especially when you can’t go outdoors. Mr. and Mrs. Nice like it because it fits into the house quite well and it doesn’t look as artificial as other scratch poles.

They bought something else for me! I haven’t gotten a picture of it yet, though. It is a comfy little cave. The inside has fur and I love to sleep in there a lot during the day.

Last week was a quiet week, except for Sunday night/Monday morning. Mrs. Nice’s son came home late and I noticed he didn’t turn the key and lock the door. Can you guess, what I did? I jumped up the door handle and got out. When Mr. Nice got up in the morning getting ready for work, I was not home and the front door was open. He was very upset about it, which I don’t understand because I came right home, when they were getting ready to drive to work which is 6:15 a.m. After that I thought that I could go out every night, but -oh no!- the front door has been locked again. Then again, it was interesting to enjoy the „night life“.